Customer inquiry form

Sample of customer inquiry form

Download customer inquiry form: customer inquiry form version1230 <—click to download.

The most important aspect is to understand customers’ needs.  The inquiry forms below help the company to get closer to your needs.

Download customer inquiry form: customer inquiry form version1230  <—click to download.

  1. fill out the current production volume
  2. fill out the future production volume
  3. combination of raw ingredients: to prevent cross contamination right from the ingredients.
  4. details and process flow of finished goods: this involves your production lines.


In the case of central kitchen, size is the only thing not subject to compromise.  Thus, size and list of facilities are also important.  The company can infer your production capacity by looking into your existing facilities and tell if new facilities are needed.

check the location of facility

fill out the name and size of facility. Why we need measures of operation is that it takes space to operate a machine. Space measurement is not simply about placing a machine in a central kitchen.

Facility requirements: the company can help you to figure out the total voltage and see if electricity power is necessary. Heating method and energy consumption allow the company to figure out the amount of exhaust air and required voltage from air conditioning and freezers.  Water consumption is tight to your water supply, waste water and the question if waste water treatment is necessary.


客戶需求表Given this information, your central kitchen would be more integrated, more capable of meeting governmental regulations and more safe to operate. Please refer to the following central kitchen forms for:

predicted production capacity

list of central kitchen facility

central kitchen planning -Chinese and English