5 Stars Central Kitchen Design

Great central kitchen design not only a best solution for food safety, also need to in line with consumer expectations.

Both are benefits of central kitchen.

There are five common sources of pollution will lead to cross-contamination in central kitchen : Human / Goods / Air / Water / Bacterium. But we need to pay more attention to pollution accumulation.

Due to the multi-sources of pollution, the key problem shall be resolved by detailed testing and verification.

The concept of pollution prevention is breakpoints. It also agree with concept of HACCP, hazard preventing.

Many pollution won’t be a hazard only if the pollution continuing accumulated. Clever Central Kitchen Design especially considering the details while designing.

Cross-contamination is often heard in food safety, but what exactly is cross-contamination?

For central kitchen designer, what kind of challenge does cross-contamination means?

Simply saying, it means the bacteria transferred to a food from other food.

Besides cross-contamination between raw and cooked food / vegetable、fruit and meats or seafood, the following factors will also cause cross-contamination :  staff,  packaging material, tableware, waste, water of drainage, air and small animals.

Due to above factors, our designers usually focus on traffic flow design, drainage and water supply, temperature and pressure, and exhaust and air exchange and so on, to maximize cleanliness by controlling above elements.

In addition, many executives of the catering industry asked what is reasonable kitchen area?

Most executives said it can be conjecture by  the amount of machinery and appliances / the number of workers or the number of meals they supplied.

*Calculate by size of machine :  The total area of the kitchen / mechanical appliances area = 1.5 to 5.0

*Calculate by number of employees : deduct mechanical area, the first employees required area of 3.3 square meters, each additional person will increase 1.7m².

*Calculate by number of meals supplied : An ideal kitchen / area of restaurant = 1:3