Goods Flow

Regarding the goods flow, planners tend to focus on the controls of food ingredients, packaging materials, utensils and waste treatment.

Food ingredients: it is suggested to keep the pathways in one direction, render the shortest distances and do as little crossing as possible.  Many planners these days also use transfer windows as a means of implementing hygienic management.

Utensils: after being sterilized, utensils can be placed in cutlery drying room or else, for the sake of convenience, somewhere close to cooking or food pantry room.

Packaging materials: staff with packaging materials ought to enter from food pantry room. An alternate schedule can be used as well.

Waste treatment: to avoid attracting pests, wastes should be kept as far away from the food processing area as possible.

Finally, for energy efficiency and workplace comfort as well as for the prevention of food poison caused by cross contamination, it is recommended to segregate the cold from the hot, the dry from the wet and the cooked from the uncooked by means of brick partitions or dry walls.

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reference: Good Manufacturing Practice facilitated by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan


In densely populated cities, the configuration of processing areas and facilities are often restricted by the shape of kitchens. Nevertheless, spatial planning can help to mitigate cross contamination, enhance work efficiency and reduce fatigue of chefs by removing needless moves. What are the common kitchen shapes then? Experts argue that a straight body kitchen is universally advantaged while chains incline more to a horizontal body. Some planners propose a U shape body to large central kitchens or food factories as their receiving area often conjuncts with loading bay of finished goods.  While by having freezers and refrigerators in a row helps to save energy, planners must be cautious with, in particular, flows of staff and goods to avoid possible cross contamination.


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