Big Kitchen vs. Central Kitchen

It is a dream of each restaurant owner to establish his own central kitchen, with the aim at achieving a larger quantity=lower cost?

Businesses look for being more competitive=large contamination=loss across branches.

But many businesses are winding up at establishing large commercial kitchens: large production volume, large contamination=  unstable foods at branches and loss.

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If you decide to establish a central kitchen to take advantage of mass production and the lower cost, attention needs to be given to bacteria, cross contamination as well as contamination of staff, machines, pipelines and production flows.

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The fluency of food flow is premised on the control of the factors addressed above. Otherwise the larger the production quantity, the more food waste is the result.

Many considerations worth noticing before the planning get started but more importantly, it is the essence of establishing a central kitchen that matters.  Many people thought the key lays in budget and space.  They should go beyond that.  Where is the creativity?  If the focus centers only around the production volume, it does seem correct.  It should be large production volume based on food safety.  Thus, as long as one understands the essence of establishing a central kitchen, even your living room can be used for a central kitchen.  If one does not understand the the essence of establishing a central kitchen, even you have a factory of 1000 pin=large kitchen

Do not overlook the amount of money you invest in because your investing amount does not correspond to the end result.  In the future world, the competitiveness lays in small central kitchens with logistics function. Consumers will not continue demanding storefront atmosphere.

Aspects to consider before planning:

1. space for machines, for staff operation, for trolleys

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2. space kcal value, food kcal value, power KW, waster water examination COD BOD SS, level of firefighting, heat exchange of air conditioning



3. Good Hygiene Practice, building regulations, fire codes, interior design regulations, environmental regulations, labor safety regulations


4. food manufacturer registration, HACCP, ISO22000

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Despite good ingredients and a good condition, less competitive is still the result. (competitors show only the positive side)


Clever Central Kitchen allows global consumers to see companies compete on different aspects.  Return on investments accelerates. Clever Central Kitchen collects the improvements of the production flow and competitiveness is the sum of all these recorded details.

1. Global consumers can see each beverage has its unique e-pedigree.

2. Records are saved on cloud reducing the gap of execution ability by different staff .

3. Claud analysis allows information to be queried and studied.

4. I.o.T with features of automatic control and alarm allows the production runs more smoothly.

Central kitchens are established for preparation and competition in three to five years.  Thus it is worth pondering whether the kitchen established is a large kitchen, a central kitchen or a cloud based kitchen.

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Packing room Chilling area

A large kitchen focuses on the fluency of food production=production volume=low cost=investment of large space

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central kitchen=small central kitchen in the store=small central kitchen with delivery=central kitchen with large space

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regardless what production volume is=mini scale central kitchen=profit increases upon each unit sold