Key Point Cleaning

What composes of key point cleaning? What equipments can be used? Are they completely dry? The most useful tools are hot water and sterilization cabinets.

Eliminating the grease on floors is subject to daily cleaning.  Should hot water be used in cooking area? Attend to safety during the cleaning. Sterilize with disinfectant.

Equipments with direct contact with foods are subject to key cleaning.  Stainless steel utensils are to place in the sterilization cabinet that heats up to 150 degree.  Plastic utensils are to sterilize at 80 degrees and dry before use.  Attention to the rim of bottles or the neck of bags when packing.

This will require two sets of utensils for rotation and avoid the same set of utensils being used till noon time.  Tape water needs to be sterilized before consumption.  Sometimes repetitive problems occur, although not all the time.

Record the regular maintenance on the sheet.  Air filter. UV lamps. Air conditioning’s filter need to be checked and replaced regularly as it will impact to the overall environment.