Cross Contamination

Solutions to cross contamination seem easy and yet there are several site deponent aspects. Senior managers are interested in food safety and increased production volume while operators care more about convenience.

To prevent cross contamination, operators’ basic habits need to be in place. How to prevent moving a trolley from one area to another?

How to separate the cooked from the uncooked?  Basically bacteria requires an opposite living condition in terms of temperatures, humidity and air flow.

It is more than just separating cutting boards for the cooked and the uncooked. When planning a production line, one needs to sterilize the utensils and have two sets of utensils for rotation. It is suggested to change utensils every two hours as a breakpoint against bacteria multiplication.

How to avoid trollies moving from an area demanding higher cleanness to another demanding less cleanness?  Clever Central Kitchen has come up with a solution to that problem.

Direction of water flow.  The break of air flows.  Flow of water and air prevents contamination of water and air.