When constructing a central kitchen, one encounters the following questions: budget, space, safety and no (leisure) time.

How to do the budgeting? Important vs. not important.  Rush vs. not rush.

With respect to packing facilities, which one is more important: a packing room or the ease of operation? With respect to facilities, one needs to consider work space and the environment. Small central kitchens are often run by the business owner self. One may indulger oneself by leaving the work to semi-automatic machines.  How to copy SOP of one-person company: websites, knowledge about food safety, broadcasting and a home delivery business on international scale?

For home delivery entrepreneurs, recommendations for a packing room: packing room sterilization, positive air flow, the right temperatures of air conditioning.

Food safety

The environment: a packing room, air conditioned rooms and kitchen. In the case of a simplified packing room, Clever Central Kitchen has established a simplified packing room for demonstration.  Why not cool the foods in a cooking room? Because cooking room is more contaminated and humid.

Cooking facility

A 100 liter soup takes 40-50 minutes to get boiled on a gas stove.  A double steam cooker takes 15-20 minutes to get to 90% boiled. It is fast.

Introduction of automatic blenders

With regard to packing equipments, one needs to attend to food safety, for instance, to the cleanness of pipes.  How to clean the stainless steel pipes of a soybean filling machine? How to construct floor without damming it?