Factory Registration

1. The factory registration application.

2. The building layout and schematic plan view of a building area calculation table.

3. Meet Licence photocopy or use of legal proof housing, apply for address numbers through reorganization and Qian Jie license or certificate does not match the address contained in the person shall be subject

Attached house reorganization documents (after 87 August 1 Info numbers reorganization, the Council may be retrieved via the web radially authorities).

4. Other provisions of law have to make legal entities engaged in manufacturing, for processing, shall submit the relevant documents.

5. The factory manager identity card photocopy. Factory responsible person for the overseas Chinese or foreigners, should be attached to the inspection station set residence documents.

6. documents issued by the environmental protection authority, except in the case of environmental protection laws and regulations cause uncontrolled type, scope and scale, should be in accordance with environmental impact

Assessment, water pollution control, air pollution control, waste clean-up and other categories were enclosed with the Environmental Protection issued by the competent authorities of the approval or permit


7. The case of the provisions of Article 15, paragraph 1, paragraph 6, and should attach the license document issued by the competent authority of the Act.

8. The entire fee of NT $ 7,000 (after paying pending approval).



1. The paper size of the application documents to A4 size principle.

2. Book 1 for each of the parts.

3. Notes should attach a photocopy of “copy of the original match,” and stamped with the seal of the factory and the factory manager.

4. The fees prescribed by, inspection and registration of the registration fee, each NT $ 5,000; each license fee of NT $ 2,000.

5. The area of the building to use the license area posted prevail, such as the area was built in the accompanying table is less than the area calculated using the published license area, it should attach the other

The other documents to prove sufficient resources.

6. The factories have set up factories in the case of the standard, it should attach configuration diagram and equipment comply with the list of workplace standards of factories.

7. Development of the Government of the sewage treatment plant and set up factories in the industrial zone, should attach waste industrial zone management agencies issued by the (dirty) water connection or use

Self-discharge of the agreed documents.

8. The application for registration of the product in the case of factories have set up factories standards, should be handled as soon as the survey and meet the standards before making factories approved factory registration.

9. Department of general products such as food factories, should be handled survey or certificate of inspection issued by the health unit.

10. Department of the plant with water when tap water, the water company must attach a photocopy of the receipt for water.

11. The factory manager and person in charge of business registration body is not the same, the main cause to be issued to any person responsible for factory, school level documents.

Note: “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act” Article 9, the central competent authority (Environmental Protection Administration) designated to establish the cause,

Before closure or termination, shall submit soil pollution monitoring data of land, after the local authority (environmental authorities) submitted for future reference, and may only object to the matter

Industry authorities bid on matters relating to Article 32, paragraph 3 provides that undertakings designated announcement by the central competent authority in violation of the provisions of Article 9, at the new station

Credits less than 200,000 yuan fines of $ 1 million.

Source: Central Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs