Check and Accept

Clever Central Kitchen allows you to focus on your business without distraction.

1. post sales service: for Clever Central Kitchen’s customers, a construction team is at your disposal and pulls the required expertise of all areas to solve your questions. Regardless software or hardware, the company can bring in experts or vendors of all disciplines to solve your problems.


2. cloud storage:  barcoded learning videos are stored on the cloud for Clever Central Kitchen’s customers. Customers can access these videos anytime and have no worries that data gets lost.

3. learning video: all barcoded learning videos are demonstrated by real persons in the context related to you.  No worries that your model differs from the one in the video.


4. barcode: when new facilities are purchased, Clever Central Kitchen will create learning videos for you upon the need.


5. time-lapse video: during the construction, time-lapse video is employed on the daily basis, providing the customer with information about the progress and quality of construction work and allowing the customer access to the construction scenarios.

6. All facilities are provided with a user guidebook and warranty.  Barcodes are also printed in each guidebook, allowing the staff to consult the operation conveniently and reducing potential loss by new comers.

7. At the end of the project, the company not only provides the knowledge associated with the hardware facilities, but, as far as software is concerned, helps to figure out the safety index of food chain, which leads to better assured finished goods. With the understanding of product properties, one is able to provide better products to customers and consumers .


8. Safety examination is done with sophisticated devices.  Communication is based on hard data. Standard is not influenced by people, circumstances or times.