Video Training

All barcoded learning videos are demonstrated by real persons in the context related to you.  No worries that your model differs from the one used in the video. In respond to current trends, the company has created a new teaching technique called video teaching.

Video learning uses combined technologies and the videos are made up from large amounts of inputs such as photos, voices, videos and so on.

Traditional teaching method involves face-to-face teaching. Suppose a person did not attend the learning today, he or she will have to borrow notes from classmates, friends or colleagues. Or the person will have to ask around to find out how to operate the machine.  It is much better to have a face-to-face instruction since each person has different habits and different comprehension ability, which leads to difficulty in teaching.  Or the person will have to ask the teacher to stop by again, which costs money and takes time.

Video learning is, by contrast, a good helper in teaching. Videos enable those who did not attend can still have a systematic learning.  No worry about difficulty in teaching. This saves time and is convenient.

The company records vendor’s demonstration and further processes to a detailed and perfect learning video with questions raised by staff.  The company also makes simplified operation and repair videos for customer’s reference.  The company provides customers with CDs and paper for their reference.  CD contains the needed information and files.