Clever Central Kitchen

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We have to consider many factors before we start to build central kitchen.

Taiwan is known by 3C in the world, and we can use this advantage on building a great central kitchen.

Record and storage all data that might effect production on the cloud. 


By analyzing the data, we can adjust the process before error happen, and minimum the loss.


How to achieve the goal? Let us introduce in this chapter.





We can build a SOP of manufacture by analyzing the data accumulated.



By analyzing data accumulated, we can set an alarm point and upper/lower limit, if the data unusual, system will alarm through cellphone and email.

For example, the noodle manufactured, the mouthfeel is effected by difference of dough, and the difference not only leaded by material, but also effected by the machine. Through our system, we can monitor the voltage of the machine, the voltage will be stable if the machine is operation normal, if not, means the machine might occur some problem in a short time, and while the system alarm, we can inform supplier to inspect before the problem happen.


Most customer will just forget it while they eat the decayed food.

But it is uncertain that the executive will receive the feedback of customer, it might has hurt the brand image when the executive find out the problem spread.





We could collect all the data about the process of production,

and we will receive alarm if the temp. / humidity / voltage of machine unusual, and solve the problem in time.

And this is the real clever central kitchen.

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It is a great way to build brand image through building a tourism factory,

and technology can help us to extend our local factory to be a global tourism factory.



Small shop or small business can create much more benefits through the clever central kitchen,

the invest in building central kitchen not only for food safety, the more important thing is to build a visible kitchen.

Show all customers the real environment not only for obtaining their trust, that can also show our competitiveness.



The generation of 5G will coming soon, it usually cost around 2 years to design and build a new central kitchen,

so it will be a great timing to plan your central kitchen now.


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