24 Hours Live Broadcasting

Visible central kitchen live show = Visible intention = Competitive strength = Trusted brand


The idea of global live broadcasting is in order to make food safety workable, and to allow maximum customer satisfaction with their purchase.

Allow customers to visit central kitchen and to understand the process of how the product made. (The kitchen will be seen through windows)

The best thing is all customers can watch the live show of central kitchen through internet; a visible kitchen can win the confidence of customers much easier.

We operate a beverage shop, although it’s a small store and located in the countryside; we delivery our beverage to whole nation. All customers can realize how their drinks made, and see the environment through the live show.

We think this concept of visible kitchen can make customers trust us, and all staff will be encouraged to comply with the rules of food safety since many people have the ability to watch them work through the live broadcasting.

Scan the following QR Code can link your cell phone to the live show of our beverage shop.

 調理室二維碼  Final Product Processing Room
 包裝室二維碼  Packing Room
冷卻室二維碼  Cooling Room