Clever Central Kitchen

Trip factories refer to those that combine production and recreation in one entity. Investment in such factory is motivated by a greater profit potential but there is strong competition. With the advent of internet, a great deal of information and functionality are available. Sunshine Energy brings forward those factories and turn them into cloud-based trip factories (cloud central kitchens).

cloud kitchen5

Cloud-based trip factories (cloud central kitchens) are going to stand out among other food factories as they possess a higher internet visibility, attract chains or food stores, stay ahead of competition and retain a transparent, clean brand image.  Customers of large food factories are large chains or food stores. There is a lot of competition out there.  When your cloud-based central kitchen rocks on the internet, your competitors will get left behind.  It becomes your advantage to have had invested in this system.  Its virtue comes from feedback and sharing.  Customers or vendors share their feedbacks after the visit. It is no longer about texts or oral report but about the notion of to see is to believe. Cloud-based trip factories are created to attract bigger customers and stay a head of competition.

cloud kitchen6

Cloud-based central kitchens are likely to adopt a more strict control in the shop and allow customers to see how their beverages are being made anytime anywhere. Healthy meals promote positive consumption experiences.