Tongue Safety?

Food safety and the exercise of data can produce valuable information. Such information can be used to guard against the food we ingest.  We pursue delicious gourmet but omit the needs of our bodies. If health precedes flavors, tongues sensation in accordance with food safety should be able to attain.

 健康 無添加物


Good faith can be transmitted with current technology, cloud and big data. Technological applications are not to replace the food. Rather, they provide those who concerned about food safety with competitiveness.  Tongues sensation in accordance with food safety – presentation (cloud-based trip factories)

  1. live broadcast: available to the eating public 24 hours across the global (clean factory)
  2. I.o.T.: one has the control over central kitchen data. A message is sent when fluctuations occur.
  3. production footprint: production process is open to consumers.
  4. critical control point: the contamination to the lowest extend
  5. learning curve:  I.o.T. Record the process of staff.  Coaching and learning.
  6. animal authentication: attest the goods by animals’ instincts

Above is how technologies are being used.  Competitiveness will be raised with this presentation.

Competitiveness=income=return on investment

Tongues sensation in accordance with food safety- equipments(food safety, control of bacteria)