Positive Pressure

Constructing a project is like developing a life. In the course of each project, beginning from planning stage, both controllable and uncontrollable things can happen.  The most difficult part is to keep up with project quality and construction safety.  Projects have different priorities and scheduling.  The company takes priority into account and starts off construction on the project basis.

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螢幕截圖 2016-05-26 19.18.31

By looking into categories one can see where are the control points needed.  A good planning and scheduling give rise to a professional construction project.

Air pressure and movement in a project

Positive and negative air flow concern movement and pressure of the air. This has an impact on bacteria flow.  Clean room partitions and freezers. Hole drilling, heat insulation factor, floor gaps, humidity, anti-slippery and usability are key factors.  Separation of different water sources.  Different pipes for different needs: drink water, cleaning water, hot water, cold water.  Temperature and humidity.  The heat generated during the work process. How to circulate the air? How to enhance the oxygen level?  One focuses on the balance and the control via cloud when kicking off a new project . The crucial points lays in quality and dedication of workers, a full security, details retained and assured quality.