Work Safety

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 of these rules by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act) sixth paragraph 3, Article XX third

Item, item 3 of Article 21 and Article 22, paragraph 4, of the set.

Article 2 of the present Rules shall work particularly hazardous to health, refers to Article 28 of Law Enforcement Rules prescribed job.

The cause of these Rules shall first class, second class and third class business career, referring to occupational safety and health management

The second approach and Schedule prescribed career.

Chapter II qualified medical and health service measures

Article 3 of the same workplace and institutions, the number of workers in more than three hundred people who should be considered the property of the scale

And properties, respectively according to Schedule II and Schedule III set out the staffing and temporary plant, the frequency of service, employment, or

Special engage in medical health services and labor hire workers in health services nurses (hereinafter

Referred to health care workers), for temporary plant health services.

Workplace in the preceding paragraph in the number of workers in particular, the health hazards of the job more than a hundred people, should hire another

Occupational Medicine Division with special or specialist services once a month temporary plant, three hundred people or more, the monthly Pro

Secondary plant services. But before the term health care occupational medicine specialist, unless.

Employers to hire or special health care in the preceding paragraph shall be for reference by way of the central competent authority.

Article 4 cause scattered in different regions, has its head office, the total number of workers over 3,000 people or more, switchboard

Configuration should be considered the cause of its distribution, characteristics and health needs of the labor, employment, or special health care, integrated management

Health service workers of the enterprise-wide affairs, planning and health services to promote labor policies and plans, and

Affiliated to the cause of the region, providing temporary plant health services, was the use of video, etc. as necessary


Staffing and temporary plant hire service frequency in the preceding paragraph, or special health care mutatis mutandis to Schedule II and Schedule

The provisions of the.

The first total number of workers, including the head office and the respective number of workers in each of the region’s business. But area

Health care workers who have been the cause of the configuration according to the preceding article, the number of workers could not be incorporated into the calculations.

Calculate the number of workers in the preceding paragraph, mutatis mutandis Occupational Safety and Health Administration of two provisions of Article III.

Article 5 of the preceding two physicians should with one of the following qualifications:

First, occupational medicine specialist.

Second, in accordance with the Fourth Schedule of qualified training courses.

Before two nurses should be a one of the following qualifications:

First, in accordance with Schedule V of qualified training courses.

Second, the Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rule XIV of training qualified.

Article 5-1

In addition to the preceding article who Occupational Medicine specialist, shall accept the following in-service education and training programs, its

Total training time every three years at least twelve hours, and at least two hours each Courses:

First, occupational safety and health regulations.

Second, workplace health risk assessment.

Third, workplace health management practices.

In the preceding paragraph are trained to build the central competent authority of the learning network, which are taken into account when the number of no more than six small


The second one prescribed training in the preceding article, made from labor or health administration and labor inspection agencies at all levels

So himself, or be handled by the competent authority recognized by the central agency.

Training handle organ or authority shall in accordance with the content and manner of the central competent authority of the Department of the preceding paragraph login


Article 6 institutions should refer to workplace size, distribution, dangerous conditions and the number of workers, according to the Schedule VI to

Provisions, prepared and ready enough emergency medicine and equipment, and set the emergency personnel qualified to handle emergency matters. It has been

Having the function of the emergency medical services, unless.

Emergency personnel in the preceding paragraph shall not deaf, color blindness, heart disease, two naked eye or corrected visual acuity were zero

4.6 with the following physical disability and ill-health, etc., which would defeat the first aid person.

The first backup set of emergency medicine and equipment, should be placed properly secured premises at least every six months on a regular basis

Check and clean. For contaminated or failure of the goods, should always be replaced and supplemented.

The first emergency personnel, each round trips should be set at least one person, the number of workers more than 50 people who each

Increased by 50, you should be set to one.

When emergency personnel who was unable to perform their duties, the employer shall immediately designated qualified person to act as President.

Article 7 The employer shall make temporary plant health care services handle the following matters:

First, the health of the labor education, health promotion and health guidance of planning and implementation.

Second, the prevention of work-related injuries, health counseling and first aid and emergency treatment.

Third, to assist the employer in proper matching of labor work.

Fourth, the physical labor, analysis of records of medical examinations, assessment, management and preservation and health management.

Fifth, the study of occupational health and injury, illness preservation of records.

Sixth, to assist employers and occupational safety and health officers when reform work-related diseases and the prevention of work environment good.

Seven other persons designated announcement by the central competent authority.

Article 8 for the processing of the preceding Article (3) and paragraph 6 of the business, the employer shall make medical staff with occupational safety and health

And site visits related departments, handle the following matters:

First, the Hazard Identification and assessment of the job and the workplace environment.

Second, to make recommendations to improve the working environment safety and health facilities planning purposes.

Third, the survey off labor and health situation of the job even sex, health and high-risk health workers wind

Risk assessment and take the necessary prevention and health promotion measures.

Fourth, to provide the workers return to work functions of assessment, job redesign or adjustment of the advice and recommendations.

Five other persons designated announcement by the central competent authority.

Article 9 of the implementation of the preceding two business owner, should be completed according to schedule seven record table and take matters in accordance with the relevant recommendations

The necessary measures.

Record entry forms and documents before the adoption of the measures should be kept for seven years.

Chapter III medical inspection and management

Article 10 Employers hiring workers, in addition to general physical examination should be implemented according to schedule eight prescribed check items, another

Should its job category, according to the schedule prescribed ten special physical inspection of project implementation.

There are the following circumstances, be exempted from the implementation of the general physical examination prior to entry:

A non-continuing nature of temporary or short-term work, during their work within six months.

Second, there are other statutes or physical health check of the rules.

Third, other specified announcement by the central competent authority.

Periodic inspection The first check from the previous Labour inspection Article XI been less than ten or 12 of the provisions of Schedule

The investigation period, the worker proves to who may be exempt from implementation.

10-1 preceding article inspection records shall be handled in accordance with the following provisions:

First, check the results of Schedule 8, the format should be in accordance with Schedule record set nine. Check the records kept for at least seven year.

Second, the special physical examination findings Schedule of ten, shall be recorded in accordance with the format of the central competent authority

; Check the records kept for at least ten years. However, ionizing radiation, dust, trichlorethylene, tetrachlorethylene

Labour and work of benzidine and its salts, 4-amino biphenyl and its salts, and 4-nitro-biphenyl

Its salts, amines and their salts, dichlorobenzidine and its salts, and salts thereof

Type, Beryllium and its compounds, vinyl chloride, benzene, chromic acid and its salts, dichromate and salts thereof,

Arsenic and its compounds, nickel and its compounds, 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde, indium and its compounds

The manufacture, use and disposal or disposal of asbestos or the use of labor jobs, at least check the record

Save three decades.

Article 11 The owner of the service workers should be in accordance with the following provisions, the implementation of a regular general health checks:

One, aged 65 who inspected once a year.

Second, more than forty persons under sixty-five years, every three years.

Third, under age of 40 years, reviewed every five years.

General health inspection items and inspection records of the preceding paragraph shall be governed by the provisions of Schedule 8 and the preceding article. But after inspection

Search for the congenital color vision abnormalities, may be exempt from further implementation of color vision examination.

Article 12 The owner makes labor in particular health hazards of second job, or to regularly change their job,

Schedule set by ten projects, the implementation of special health checks.

Employers make workers accept the special health examination, should labor job content, the last ring of the job

Job experience and information on environmental monitoring records and other hazards of exposure given to the case physician.

The first inspection records, in accordance with the provisions of Article X apply.

Article 13 The owner makes labor in particular, the health hazards Article job, should establish a health management information and

Graded according to the following provisions of health management:

A first-level management: a special health check or health tracking test results, all items normal, or

Abnormal part of the project, while the integrated physician determined that no abnormalities.

Second, the second-level management: a special health check or health tracking test results, some or all of different

Typically, the physician comprehensive determination is abnormal, and work-related persons.

Third, the third-level management: a special health check or health tracking test results, some or all of different

Typically, the physician comprehensive determination as abnormal, but can not determine the relevance of the work of this exception, should

Further requests the Occupational Medicine specialist assessor.

Fourth, the fourth-level management: a special health check or health tracking test results, some or all of different

Typically, the physician comprehensive determination is abnormal, and work-related persons.

Health Management in the preceding paragraph, belongs to the second-level management or more, by the physician in the state their unsuitable for

Industry and other treatment and precautions; belongs to the third or fourth grade level management executives, and doctors should

Teachers indicate clinical diagnosis.

The owner for the first part of the second stage managers, personal health workers should provide guidance; third level tube

Li or more, should be invited to occupational medicine specialist physicians implement health follow-up examinations and if necessary the implementation of suspect

Like site assessment work-related diseases, and should be re-classified according to the assessment results, and the results and grading

The adoption of measures by way of the central competent authority of the notification; belongs to the fourth level managers, physician assessment

The scene is still work hazards assessment factor of exposure, should be taken to control hazards and related management measures.

Tracking health examination record in the preceding paragraph, in accordance with the provisions of Article X apply.

Article 14 especially hazardous job of health management, supervisory staff or related personnel and engaged to each other for the property

Who possess it, there are those who fear that health hazards, the applicable provisions of Article XII. However, a temporary worker,


Article 15 of the labor by employers in general physical examination, special physical examination, general health checks, special health check

Or health check-up examinations, you should take the following measures:

First, the Senate adopted the eleven recommendations by physicians Schedule, inform workers and labor properly configured in the workplace


Second, the abnormal results of labor, health care workers should provide their health guidance; their physician and health

Health assessment results, can not meet the original workers, physicians should refer to the recommendations adopted, the changes to its operations

Place, replace or work shorter hours and take health management measures.

Third, the inspection results to the subjects of labor.

Fourth, the aggregate of the subject over the years records of medical examinations of workers.

Health guidance and recommendations of the evaluation of the second paragraph of the preceding paragraph shall be the third or fourth of whom the medical staff

. But according to the provisions of Free employment or special health care who have to go through the medical workers by the physical and medical tests of

Nursing staff whom.

Medical workers to save the data first records of medical examinations and physical labor, health guidance and evaluation

And management and labor should be guaranteed privacy.

Article 16 The owner makes labor in high-temperature specified in Article 19 of this Law, abnormal pressure, elevated, or heavy precision

When the manual operation, reference should be taken in the labor health service physicians a comprehensive assessment of the physical labor or health

Recommend Kang test results, the appropriate configuration of the work of labor and rest time.

Physician assessment in the preceding paragraph, under Article Free employment or freelance physician who was handled by the physical labor

Physicians and health checks of whom.

The first 17 pairs to leave the labor inspection requirements to provide health-related information, the employer can not refuse. But more than retention period

Limit, unless.

Article 18 The owner of special health check enforcement of labor should be handled on the drive, job category and handle physical labor and

Content of health checks and other medical institutions, registered in the system of the central competent authority.

Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions

Institutions employ registered or authorized medical practitioner of Article 19, shall be in accordance with law and nursing staff physicians phase method

Off medical regulations.

Precautionary measures Article 20 of the institution, shall be handled in accordance with relevant provisions of the Communicable Disease Control Act.

Article 21 in accordance with the provisions of Cancer Prevention Act, in line with the labor conditions of cancer screening, for institutions to implement labor

Health check, was agreed by labor, together with oral cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer and women

The female breast cancer screening.

Check the results of the preceding paragraph shall not be included in a health check record list.

Before the screening of the two objects, duration, data reporting, funding issues and other provisions, according to the Central Health

Welfare authorities regulations.

Article 22 of the present rules except the second one hundred and 10 of the Republic of China from January 1, 2004 implementation, but from one hundred

3 July 2003 implementation.

Amend the provisions of these rules, in addition to a one fifth and Article 5 of Schedule II, Article 10, Schedule ten

No twenty-eight to thirty-one, 18 from the Republic of China one hundred January 1, 2006 implementation, the

Date of promulgation.