Varieties of applications are linked to I.o.T. .I.o.T. for central kitchens

communication module x sensor x cloud system x mobile APP
Status and details of the networking sensors are stored and transmitted by communication modules. These sensors can detect temperatures and humidity in the kitchen. They can also detect if temperatures in the freezers and refrigerators are raising, if carbon dioxide concentration in the cooking area exceeds the limit or if voltages of large kitchen facilities are too high. All information can be queried through APP.

A cloud-based central kitchen can activate make up air devices by itself when the kitchen becomes too hot or too humid. If a freezer or refrigerator is not closed properly, a notification will be sent to prevent the loss from happening.

For the cooking area, one can switch on the ventilation remotely through APP once carbon monoxide concentration exceeds the limit. For the packing room, make up air devices, air conditioning and ultraviolet disinfection lamps can be started off automatically. When the voltage of large kitchen facilities starts raising, one can monitor the status closely and take preventative actions.


Environmental detection device
sensor for temperature and humidity
sensor for carbon monoxide and temperature and humidity
sensor for carbon dioxide and temperature and humidity
sensor for PM2.5 and humidity
sensor for illuminance
interface module for air speed and direction

Security monitoring
sensor for doors and windows
motion detection device
audio and visual alarm device
sensor for in-out motions

Energy management
socket with switch and electricity calculation
AC power with wireless remote control switch