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Apt Bee cloud system user guide

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Log in

Browser(IE 9, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari).

Connect to

It brings you to the log in page.

Things 4-1

Enter the account name and password. Click on Enter.  With a successful login it will display the following:

Things 4-2

Sensor data and status

On the left side is Group List and is available to the users. When you click on a group name such as GW_EUGENE, the system will load the latest information and display that on the right side.

Things 4-3

Things 4-4

【Sensor】 and 【Setting】 are available by the authorized users only. General users cannot click on these icons.

When the device disconnected Things 4-5, 【Signal strength】 twinkles.  When battery too lowThings 4-6, 【Battery level】 twinkles.

To check the historical dataThings 4-7, click on the icon at the right corner.


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