Cloud Data

Refer to the following steps if you want to look up the historical data or export files:

click on Office. It will display the current status of each sensor.

Things 5

click on carbon dioxide sensor. It will display the time, single and name of the last data.

Things 5-1

click on the icon next to itThings 5-9. It will display the historical data in graphic.

Things 5-2

click on date menu of the graphic to look up the historical data. You may choose an end time from the menu to query the data for that period.

The setting of historical data graphic

With the original data and selecting criteria, you may query the historical data with averaged value, for instance, an average per minute, per hour, per day, per month, per year (these are the values generated by the cloud system itself).

Things 5-3

For instance, the graphic below shows the raw data one hour before 2015-12-07 10:40

The graphic below shows the period, the number of data as well as the maximum value, minimum value and the average within this period

Things 5-4

Select to change the result of daily average.

Things 5-5

To export the file, click on the button on the far right of the query list Things 5-10.  You may choose a time period and its original data or the averaged data. Format can be in csv (open with excel), or pdf.

Things 5-7

The exported cvs will be like the following and display the time, value and unit.

Things 5-8