D.I.Y. Gateway Connection


1. connect to LAN

a. make sure your network or modem has DHCP.

b. connect AptBee IoT Gateway to your network or a modem as shown below, then to the power cord.

Things 2

2. connect to AptBee IoT Gateway

a. make sure your computer is in the same LAN with AptBee IoT Gateway.

b open your browser, enter the URL http: //aptbee-gw.local/

Things 2-1

3. connect to Internet

a. when the connection to internet is activated, AptBee IoT Gateway will automatically contact AptBee Cloud.

b. open your browser, enter the URL http://www.aptbee.com/

Things 2-2

c. enter your account name and password. You will see your AptBee IoT Gateway name after the log-in page.

Things 2-3