Staff Flow


Personal hygiene in a central kitchen can never be emphasized enough. As food is handled, processed, and ultimately served to the end consumer by kitchen staff, it is essential that the risks are prevented, monitored and reduced to the minimum level. Considering human traffic, it is important to keep pathways in one direction and have hygienic entrances in place such as hand wash stations, air shower, tacky mat, and garment stocker. Using food lifts to maximum efficiency also helps to avoid food contamination, decrease labor costs, and enhance the overall work productivity.

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One-way door

Hand disinfection: for reducing the possibility to cross contamination in centralized food production unit. 


Think Tank

The nature of work in central kitchens are rigorous; staff need constantly deal with humidity, grease, long working hours and larger equipment also resulting in more reaching.  Therefore correct shoes is a necessity for workplace safety.  STICO working shoes are recommended as they have good enough flip resistant function to protect kitchen staff from accidental falls while offering support to withstand long standing.