Bento Production

A key aspect to produce bentos lays in time.  The main characteristics of catering is ready to serve. That is, to produce table ready meals in a short time.  Although there are many catering businesses and the existing production model has run for a long time, there are downsides that need to be solved. Let us talk about the problems associated with bento production.

The production model is simple because it does not require selling and technical skills, which give rise to low investment capital and low entry barrier.  Although serving is fast, the long preparation time allows the bacteria to multiply. Cross contamination is a problem.

To meet customer’s various demands, bento producers also have a various mix of production lines. Fish, meats, vegetables, beverage and deserts arouse high cross contamination risk in the kitchen.

Other issues include bacteria, steam safety, cleaning and so forth.

Although the time from production to consumption is not a lot, the bacterial can easily exceed the limit during the transport if there is a high amount of bacteria already in the bento. Let along not all consume the meals immediately.  If we can lower the amount of bacteria before bentos are dispatched, we can greatly reduce the risk. How to do then?  There are many ways to approach. One is to establish a clean packing room.  When bentos are packed in a clean condition, pollution can be avoid as a result of a reduced amount of dusts and bacterium.  This is our comments to a packing room.  The next is to have a separated flow to avoid cross contamination. Factors influencing the amount of bacteria are utensil sterilization, cooking process and so on.  You are welcome to talk to us and find out solutions.


Many catering businesses also use steam cookers. Does steam guarantee cleanness? How to clean the pipes? Is it safe to cook with steam?

Chemical preparations used for boilers may be in contact with food ingredients?  Have utensils been thoroughly cleaned? To ensure the cleanness and avoid contamination, utensils need to be sterilized after the washing and sterilized again before use.