Rice Production


 飯流程  飯流程

Rice processing central kitchens can be divided into ambient temperature system and cooked foods system.  Rice production is mass production.  Attention is given to the control of bacteria. The kind of microorganisms in rice differs from that in other foods. Problems encountered during the pretreatment process also differ from those from other food industry.  Aspects to consider include utensils disinfection, cleaning of hot water pipelines, storage of uncooked rice, the hating of worms, cleaning of steam boilers and so on.

How to determine which aspects to invest (air, staff and utensils) in a production process?  One key aspect is to avoid cross contamination. Even temperatures have an affects on the flavor and preservation of rice. Fast  cooling time contributes to a desired taste.  In the case of export, the production lines are the product of many technologies. If you have questions about rice processing, you are welcome to call us.