Animals’ smell and taste are far more sensitive than humans.  They have problems with the sorts of foods that irritate their taste buds. 8D tea beverages have no preservatives, fragrant, saccharin or tea extract.  They are natural.

Concerning sugars, conventional beverage shops use fructose, which contains sweeteners and no real sugar.  It is just chemical additive. It has no nutritional value and cumbers the body.  Fructose is made from gene modified sweet corns.  Given lower cost, they are gradually replacing cane sugars. 70% of fructose intake is to be converted to fat, easily leading to obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Concerning tea, given no fragrant and tea extract are added, the beverages are mild compared to those of other shops.  Instead, they have an original and fresh flavor from tea leaves.

Animals’ digesting system is not as robust as humans’.  If they can drink these beverages, so can we.  8D tea beverages are not made for the mouth but for the body.

milk tea 

green tea with yogurt 

roselle tea 

✅ herbal tea with can sugar  

black tea without sugar