Floor Weight Capacity

Overloading leads to serious accidents. Building regulations had been changed after 921 earthquake. If kitchen drainages are not constructed properly, it either leaks the water or threats the building structure with overloading. Nowadays raised floors with underneath stainless steel drainages are available in the marketplace. A waterproof treatment is followed. This is ideal for the kitchen because drainages require ditches.  During the construction, the attention is put to the space treatment between the stainless steel and the floor. Before the installation, the attention goes to the coordinated position of drainages of washbasins and boilers. Construction of a raised floor is fast. It need not to take 2 weeks to get the cement dry.  The surface is made of 100% Polyurea, which is featured high rub resistance, high elasticity and high adhesiveness.  It can resist temperature fluctuations, acid and chemical erosions.

Other characteristics: short curing time, high rub resistance, toughness, elasticity, water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, high impact resistance.


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