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All executives of the catering industry have a dream to build their own central kitchen. The purpose is to increase output, reduce cost, and simplify the process to increase competitiveness. But many executives build big kitchens instead of central kitchens, which results in cross-contamination and fluctuating quality of the product. Ultimately, it will lead to lost in the end.


It’s not suitable for many companies to build a large central kitchen. Instead, they should build many small sized central kitchens. No matter what their options are, they are all required to adopt a centralized kitchen concept instead of a large kitchen concept.


Utilizing our extensive experience in central kitchen design and an in-depth discussion with you of your visions and needs, we will suggest what kind of programs is suitable for you.


The main purpose of building central kitchens is to reduce cost, and increase output. But we have to pay more attention to cross-contamination, bacterial occurrence, pollution of staff, machines, piping, workflow process. We can control the contamination and plan a great process of food production.


There are many things we should consider before we start to design a central kitchen

1.Space of machinery / staff working space / space of operating trolley

2.Kcal value of space / Kcal value of food / power / detect of sewage ( value

of COD/BOD/SS)  / fire control requirement / heat exchange of A/C.

3.Good Hygienic Practices(GHP) / Legislation of building、fire control、labor safety、interior renovation、environmental protection

4.HACCP / ISO22000


It will lead to lost competitiveness if we use good ingredients and great environment, why?

Because all competitors just show customers their advantages, and hide their disadvantages.


All customers will understand the environmental differences of every kitchen through ‘Clever Central Kitchen’.

“Clever Central Kitchen” collects all the details of producing process, and it will help us to improve our competitiveness.

1.Video traceability, all customers can resolve the difference of every unit.

2.Record by cloud, reduces the mistakes made due to carelessness.

3.We can inquire the change of every section of production by cloud analyzing.

4.Automatic control of the machine by I.O.T. system, makes the operation run smoothly.


The major factor of building central kitchen is to be ready to face the competition 3-5 years later.

Therefore, we should reflect what kind of kitchen we are building, big kitchen /central kitchen / small central kitchen or Clever Cloud Central kitchen.


 Central Kitchen


The key point of central kitchen design is to make the production process smoother and a design based on food security. How to avoid staff injuries / pollution, and how to reduce handling / packing? Our design considers all the above factors, and avoids all problems that might occur before the start of building.

Operating whole cooking process by single man : saving manpower, Only a single individual is needed to handle 150KG/100℃ ingredients from cooking, to chilling, and to packaging.

Simplify the process: No need to change buckets, and combine with automatic packing machine. The kitchen supports all kinds of packaging specifications.

No distance limitations : Cooking、chilling、packing could be in different area without piping and pump, there’s no cleaning problem of piping.

Producing in small amount but maintain diversification: Consumers’ taste changed frequently, no matter what kind of product you are producing, our unit will meet your needs.

Stability of quality : Consistent quality of products makes the earnings of future. And that’s why we should build a central kitchen, to provide every branch products with the same quality.

Energy saving : Our rapid cooling machine will help you to save 75% cost.




Clever Cloud Central Kitchen


Central kitchen design refers to maximized hygiene, economic efficiency, productivity and comfort by space planning and detailed arrangements.

However, environmental planning is equally important.

The internal environment of kitchen, such as temp.、humidity、air circulation, lighting, will not only affect the health and productivity of staff, but also food safety.

Kitchen renovation is a big project, we continued integrate with our team(over 40 food machine company), that includes  air duct、air conditioning,、boiler,、noodle,、grinding,、steam cooking,、partition、 food mixer and twenty-three other domestic companies. We can serve our clients more efficiency and clients can test all machines that they are interested in before purchasing.

In addition, in the final section of project, The Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) will join us to make sure our project agrees with food safety and HACCP standard. Because of the cooperation between us

and FIRDI, we will also give our clients assistance on HACCP application. Not only will we expedited the application process, but we will make sure you pass the test for HACCP association every 2 years.

Every company of food industry has their own operation mode/size or unique products, and no matter what kind of kitchen you operate, we are willing to give assistance to make your kitchen more efficient and improve on food safety management.



Central kitchen design of hot pot restaurantConform to standard of HACCP & ISO22000,and cooperate with The Food Industry Research and Development Institute(FIRDI) of Taiwan.

 3D Central kitchen design of bakery



Organic congee central kitchen:Packing after chilling. Stable quality, extend shelf life.

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