Agriculture Manufacturing Plants

Agricultural product processing refers to the process of turning plants and meat as raw materials into final products for consumption, under which the appearance or physical and chemical properties of raw materials are altered. The course taking place in a varying size of central kitchens requires a certain degree of techniques. Agricultural product processing connects growers to consumers. Currently, there is a limited variety of agricultural products that goes into consumption and industrial production. Therefore, agriculture processing industry is indispensable.

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Agriculture processing industry is an extension of agriculture industry and is a serious of value added activities to primary agricultural products. The agricultural industry can be expanded through marketing these products.



Depending on the level of complexity, there are two categories: light and heavy processing

levels of agriculture processing: light processing

the first level: cleaning, categorizing and packaging

the second level: grinding, cutting, mixing and pressing

the third level: cooking, cooling, canning and blending

the fourth level: chemical treatments, nutrient adding



The strategy of agriculture processing is determined by the forms of the products.

sorting and grading: first class quality, first class price. The market price is determined by the quality. That is, products with better quality can command a higher price.   The general price refers to the price of the lowest grade of quality.

cutting and crushing: some parts of raw materials have to be abandon and others have to be subject to crashing.  This process is popular as it saves time and energy for consumers. It is a service and a value added activity.

blending and mixing: different agricultural products have different nutritions and serve different functions.  If consumers demand different nutrients, producers can blend and mix different agricultural products to fulfill their needs.

refining and dehydration: the refining process is to reduce the size and weight of the products for easy warehousing and transport. The process also aims at providing consumers with the sustenance that is easy to absorb and with a higher degree of convenience. There are dehydrated agricultural products in the marketplace.


They have been subject to a dehydrated process. Dehydration and preservation of agricultural products have bright business outlook, so are storing and nutrition additives.