Pastries, whether traditional Chinese round flat cakes or western dessert cakes, involve a complicated production process.  Many details are worth our attention. From raw materials to final products, the process can be broadly divided into a few steps:

1) the purchase and storage of raw materials

2) pretreatment

3) cooking

4) formation

5) baking

6) cooling

7) packaging and logistics

After baking, pastries are passed to the next stage for cooling and packaging. There are details worth our attention, in addition to separating flows against cross contamination:

人流物流 - 平面配置 - A1 - 001

1. raw material warehouse: well organized shelves are needed in a warehouse so the staff can easily find the items and track the stock inventory. More importantly is the control of temperature and humanity in a warehouse. The main ingredients for pastries are sugar, oil and flour. A stable temperature and humanity ensure the preservation of ingredients and reduce the food lost resulting from quality deterioration.


Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy adopts cloud based alarm monitoring against the deviated temperature and humanity, detecting the malfunction of air conditioning system on time in order to prevent the food lost.

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2. pretreatment area: whether fresh fruits commonly used in western pastries or bean paste in Chinese pastries, a pretreatment area is the area for the initial processing such as fruit washing or bean soaking. In this area one needs to take into account the separation of appliances for raw and cooked foods, the minimum space for operating a machine and the control of flows.

清洗區 (4)

清洗區 (8)

3. cooking area: there are many heating or cooking devices in this area. Wether gas stoves, steam cookers or fry pots, high temperature and high humidity are stereotyped as a cooking area. This unpleasant working environment not only leads to a high employee turnover rate but also provides a condition favorable to the growth of bacteria.  In the cooking area, a good draining system is needed although ventilation is even more important.

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Exhaust fans with sufficient static pressure take the heat away from the cooking area and ventilation makes up fresh air, providing the comfort and hindering the growth of bacteria.


4.forming area: there are many steps subject to manual pinch.  In this area we need pay attention not only to the comfort but to the flow and hands of the staff due to their constant dealing with ingredients.

11 (40)

When a staff enters a forming area, he/she is subject to hand disinfection and air shower.  When this staff leaves the forming area, an one-way door prevents the cross contamination by making re-enter of the room not possible.

 signs for staff entrance
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 sign for no entrance
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5. baking area: same as in the cooking area, there are also many heating devices in the baking area. Ovens or rotary furnaces exhaust heat. The outflow of carbon monoxide is treated as a stealth killer.


Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy pays its attention not only to the design, but also to the concentration of carbon monoxide in the kitchen. The cloud based alarm monitoring sends out a notification when the density reaches the limit, allowing the on-site staff to take an immediate action against the threat.


positioning of fans

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concentration of carbon monoxide



6. cooling room: conventionally fans are used to cool pastries from high temperature to the degrees appropriated for packaging. But it takes long and the sweltering panels furthermore retard the cooling speed. The thick filling makes the cooling even more difficult.  Designing a cooling room is then critical. Key factors to consider with respect to food cooling are the amount of calories to exhaust, heat cycling among panels, the right cooling speed to avoid surface cracking, a corresponding clean room grade and air filtering.


air filtering, easy assembly

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7. packing room:  the step between cooling and packaging demands the highest level of hygiene. We need exclude as many risks as possible before the pastries are packaged.  Thus, in addition to hand disinfection, other suggestions include positive air pressure and air filtering.  The temperature in this room needs to be set lower to prohibit bacteria from multiplying.


high efficient air filtering, HEPA/ULPA

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