The advantage of a catering central kitchen lays in its fast serving time. After years of operation, this production model has evolved many downsides.

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Given its simple production model, no selling and technical background are required, leading to low level of investment and technical skills. On the other hand, the entry barrier is also lower.

It is said devil conceals in details and this should be the emphasis of establishing a catering central kitchen. Although serving time is swift, it takes long time to prepare. The time is long enough to allow the bacteria to grow, which brings the threaten to the consumers.

Cross contamination is a problem. Varieties of foods and productions lead to varieties of production lines. Fish, eat. vegetables, beverage, deserts has high risk of cross contamination.

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Many people judge food safety by reading the data from devices, overlooking that some numbers can be highly controversial. For instance, major temperature differences can occur.

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This means the displayed temperature is not necessarily identical with the actual temperature. This is the case with sterilization oven and refrigerator. Not to mention the temperature of food itself and the center temperature. By  overlooking such small but critical piece of information one can lay their judgment on the wrong foundation.  Catering business has limited revenue, high production volume so the amount of investment is constrained. However, cross contamination is not going to reduce because of poor profit,  Thus it is recommended to invest in key areas, such as packing room and sterilization.

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1 (204)Food safety: cross contamination and bacterial growth are the major and main threats.

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