Picture of construction

興建前鐵皮空屋  廠商舊有設備-可翻新繼續使用,節省經費
an empty metal house before construction retaining the existing facilities- to save the budget
 灌漿前植筋工程   鐵工進場針對新出入動線改變舊有鐵皮屋
planting bars before grouting altering the existing metal house in accordance with the planning of new flows
  舊有設備若可繼續使用並符合需求的均可保留  before (8)
retaining the existing qualified facilities
 舊有機組設備  排水管路埋設
the existing facilities construction of drain pipelines
 輕隔間骨架施工  矽酸鈣板輕隔間
light steel framing calcium silicate panels
  換氣系統 – 抽氣風機  換氣系統 – 抽氣風機
ventilation system-exhaust fans ventilation system-exhaust fans
  灌漿前植筋工程  舊有廠房改造前
planting bars before grouting a factory building before construction
 鐵工加強鋼筋強度  不鏽鋼排水溝與排水管路連結
carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete stainless steel drain ditch connecting to drain pipeline
  不鏽鋼排水溝與排水管路連結  P1020601L
stainless steel drain ditch connecting to drain pipelines
 灌漿工程  灌漿工程
grouting grouting
 輕隔間施工,內鋪隔音棉  工業地板施工
construction of dry walls, acoustic insulation construction of industrial grade floor
  工業地板施工  舊有不鏽鋼水溝
construction of industrial grade floor the existing stainless steel drain ditch
 地磚鋪設完成  不鏽鋼壁板架設
floor tiles erecting stainless steel wall panels
 不鏽鋼煙罩吊掛架設  煙罩與風管連結
erecting a stainless steel exhaust hood connecting an exhaust hood with a wind duct
clean room panels with cutout