Congee has small molecules. Due to its easy absorbing, Congee is regarded as an ideal nutrition supplement for patients and small children. It is also consumed when ordinary adults attempt to nurse their stomaches. Nowadays people are obsessed with  work yet congee making takes time.

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Besides congee shops which can be found at any street corners, packaged frozen congee has gained its popularity. They are welcome by working mothers who can barely find their time in cooking congee for their small children. Purchasing congee on internet is also a trend.  Sunshine Energy has experiences in designing congee central kitchens.  Nevertheless what are the key aspects with respect to planning a congee central kitchen? Let’s explore in more details.


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Congee central kitchen

1. storage for raw materials: the main ingredient of congee is rice. Demands for grains have also increased as the society now emphasizes a more healthy lifestyle. The ideal storage condition for rice is between 10 to 15 degrees, dry and without direct sunlight. Storage racks and air conditioning are used to achieve the required setting. Vegetables and meats are on the other hand need to be stored in a refrigerator and freezer.
It is suggested to separate raw materials from cooked foods. The separation not only makes inventory tracking easier but also prevents cross contamination. Sunshine Energy applies the cloud based alarm monitoring system for temperature and humanity of raw material storages.
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The on-site staff will be notified with a mobile phone message when the temperature and humanity fall outside the norm.
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An immediate action can be taken to avoid the food lost.

2.pretreatment: there are different ways to prepare congee. Some choose to soak the rice in order to speed up the cooking process. Although rice still needs to be cooked at high temperatures, Sunshine Energy recommends a separated space for rice soaking. While rice is constantly exposed to the air, air filtering can effectively reduce the particle concentration of the area.


Vegetables and meats are processed in the pretreatment area.  Besides separating utensils, using stainless steel appliances and regular sterilization, air conditioning is required for keeping the pretreatment area dry and cool. The flows and the allocation of equipments can be discussed prior to the construction. Air conditioning is used in the pretreatment area to keep the environment cool and dry, preventing the spoilage of meat and the growth of bacteria.

1 (204) it takes time to create pasted congee. Yet the heat released by gas stoves often make the cooking area unpleasant. To tackle this problem, one could begin with calculating the amount of heat required to be exhausted and choose a corresponding exhaust hood and air conditioning.

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The Central kitchens designed by Sunshine Energy can offer more desirable working conditions to their employees than traditional kitchens can do. The improved comfort also helps to reduce the turnover rate.


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4. cooling and packaging: congee is thick. While hot filling requires the final temperature above 70 degrees, such high temperature makes hand packaging not possible.

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Cold filling would be a better solution for those without automatic packaging machines. Not to mention hot-filling may trigger plasticizers. Thick congee makes cooling slow and difficult. Bacteria multiplies fast between 20 and 70 degrees.



If the food stays too long in this danger zone, the quality of congee deteriorates.  To bring the temperature down to 20 degrees in the shortest possible time, we propose rapid cooling machines. The machines can cool the congee down to 18 degrees in 30 minutes. There are other advantages the rapid cooling machine can provide.

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In addition to shortening the processing time, the rapid cooling machines helps to reduce the amount of bacteria, prolong the shelf time and preserve the color and aroma, making the packaged frozen congee as tasty as the one just made fresh.



Vegetable cooling

5. the separation of flows: Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy repeatedly emphasizes the need for separated flows. A staff is subject to air shower before he/she enters the processing area.  A packing room demands the highest hygienic level. Hence the flow of staff should be planned in such way that a staff first enters the packing area, then cooking area and eventually the pretreatment area.
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On the contrary, the flow of goods should start with the most contaminated area and move toward the areas with higher level of cleanness.
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Air needs to be filtered before being released to the packing room.  To avoid cross contamination and enhance food safety, it is important to separate the flows of staff, goods, air and water, which is often overlooked by businessmen with traditional kitchens.
(1)...Whether you sell congee for take away or for run a chained shop, Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy has many share with respect to space arrangement, the control of flows, selection of equipments as well as international food safety programs such as HACCP, ISO22000 and GHP. You are welcome to drop by.
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