Traditional Dessert

Sweet red bean chilling

Traditional desserts such as tofu pudding, grass jelly, shaved ice and sweet green bean soup are popular among people. Consumption of those desserts is year round as they help to cool the body in summer and warm up in winter. They can satisfy the appetites and bring a full happiness to oneself. Seemingly ordinary desserts and ingredients are not as simple as they appear. It requires a close attention to each production flow, from selection and soaking of ingredients, simmering, cooling to storage.  Among others, beans are said to be most susceptible to spoilage. Let us explore in more details.

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1. selection and storage of beans

Whether soybeans, red beans or green beans, as the attitude towards a healthy eating is emerging, non-GM is of first priority. GM or non-GM cannot be verified by human eyes( it is groundless to assert beans with black spot are non-GM). To verify one needs to refer to the certificate from original vendors where indicates the quality and origin of ingredients. One also needs to pay attention to such factors as forms and colors of beans.

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After the beans are loaded in the warehouse, it is important to avoid direct sunlight.  Control of temperature and humidity is also important. Besides air conditioning, Sunshine Energy deploys the cloud-based alarm monitoring system to keep the level of temperature and humidity of your warehouse under control. The system signalizes upon malfunctions to avoid the loss.

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2. soaking

How long to soak the beans is weather dependent and yet one thing for sure is it’s not a short time. With regard to central kitchen planning, there are thoughts worth to mention. First of all, a clean soaking room can reduce dust concentration that contaminates the beans. Next is the water supply and drainage. When Sunshine Energy plans a soaking room, it uses clean room panels, air conditioning and stainless steel ditches to create a clean and comfortable soaking room.

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3. cooking and cooling

There are many different heating equipments available in the marketplace. There are ways of  cooking that can preserve the full and complete form of beans. As far as cooking is concerned, we believe each of you has your own secrets so we will leave out to you. Nevertheless, bean cooling is troublesome. Conventional methods are either ambient cooling, ice beth or with fans. However the results are poor.  The danger is the central temperature is not reduced, which leads to food spoilage.

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Even one is able to take immediate action against the spoilage, 15% of food loss has already taken place. We recommend you to use Sunshine Energy’s rapid cooling machines. The machine takes 40 minutes to cool a trough of red bean soup evenly. Because of the shortened cooling time, the aroma of beams are preserved and the amount of microorganisms are restrained. Shelf time is prolonged because the beans are able to pass the danger zone of 20-70 degrees in the shortest possible time.


4. packaging

After the cooling, bean soups are usually conveyed with troughs or small pails. We pay same close attention to the cooling as to the packaging. We recommend the packing room in positive air pressure and to be clean, dry and cool.

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This helps to avoid contamination and restrain the growth of bacteria. During the transport, pails need to be kept in low temperature at all times. Same important is to avoid falling dusts. We use silicon lids against the falling dusts and the splitting of soups.


Many dessert shops are small family-owned business.  Despite small kitchen space, one can still have a production site that complies to food safety as long as it is well designed and uses exhaust fans, rapid cooling machines, pressure cookers and so forth. Such establishment helps to reduce food loss and food waste. If you have questions, you are welcome to call.