Fusion Restaurant

To achieve diversity is to retain multiple features and themes. Unfortunately hybrid approach usually results in in cross-contamination.

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Imagine a bridge on which wheat, rice, seafood and meat are all blended together leading to mis-coordination and high complexity.

To design a commercial kitchen with hybrid themes, one first needs to classify food processing flows. This requires close analysis and design in order to determine an appropriate classification, which eventually brings in competitiveness.

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There are three food categories for a hybrid restaurant: Sauces, pastries, foods.

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It requires many skills to manage food safety. Because these restaurants are often featured unique flavor, many research and developments are done in house, which needs to be supported by skills and professionalism.  For instance, a client of Sunshine Energy runs an independent restaurant. The young entrepreneur has a loyal customer base and one customer has asked if home delivery or take away is possible. For the customer, it will not take much effort to have a delicious meal; for this entrepreneur, she does not need to produce sources everyday. She needs to work just two days in a week and build a strategic alliance.  Another entrepreneur is an owner of a well known business group. He owns several shops and multiple brands but he has encountered difficulties: troubles with staff,  quality and cost.

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He figured out perhaps he needs to establish a central kitchen. In principle, his assumption is correct and this can solve the issues mentioned above.  But he still had fears. He found the areas of food safety and food processing is too deep to foreseen all the risks.  Quantity may warrant costs and bring in consistent food quality across branches but it is advantageous only within the framework of food safety. Nevertheless, he sold many food items. He knew he can only continue as he had to create competitiveness for his employees. Sunshine Energy assists its clients and creates two-way communication, formulating your equation of return on investment. A full backstage allows restaurant owners with varieties of revenue and income.  For more information, arrange a visit to Sunshine Energy. Sunshine Energy has set up a demonstration kitchen equipped with i.o.t. We believe you’d have full inspirations from this visit.

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