Achievement of Fusion Restaurant



exhaust hoods-cooking area military connector-safe, durable and universal
 A區風吸風管  A區炒鍋定位
configuration of exhaust air ducts automation cook mixer-cooking area
 B區排水  B區不銹鋼壁板
configuration of stainless steel drain ditches direct gas stove-cooking area
 A區排水  水洗機補水
cooking area- positioning of single port furnace ventilation system-water tank
 冷卻機  冷凍庫
two rapid cooling machines connected in one unit freezer and rapid cooling machine
 冷凍庫側邊排水  浴塵室維修孔
clean room panels-water pipelines with masked exterior stainless steel wall panels with reserved holes-  for easy post-sales support
 消防自動滅火設備  消防檢測系統
exhaust hood with fire extinguishing equipment control valve of fire extinguishing equipment
 排煙防水  殺菌機
connecting exhaust air ducts- construction of waterproofing hypochlorous acid water system-easy sterilization
 傳遞口  熱水桶
food convey window- separation of flows of staff and goods, preventing cross contamination configuration of storage tank for cleaning and drink water
 鍋爐 A台  冷熱不銹鋼水槽
control room for boiler system configuration of washbasin in stainless steel for hot and cold water
 4(1)  5(1)
boiler system and roof drainage power boxes and power control equipment
 6(1)  7(4)
air pressure device-verifying the direction of air flow and intensity of air pressure multi-function air shower in stainless steel
 8(3)  9(1)
air shower and air conditioning system high performance standing sterilization cabinet with two doors-sterilizing utensils
      10(1)  11(3)
water filter system & temperature and humanity device make-up air device-creating positive air pressure in packing room
 12(1)  15
washbasin in pretreatment area clean room panels-no dust, easy to clean, easy to maintain, good sound proof and reusable
 複合式餐廳央廚 – 甜點製作區  蒸氣二重鍋 – 燉湯、醬汁熬煮的好夥伴
central kitchen of a fusion restaurant- dessert area steam double kettle-for soup and sauce making
 急速冷卻機組-冷卻區  無塵庫板隔間 – 乾淨明亮好清潔
rapid cooling machines-cooling area clean room panels-bright and easy to clean
 自動炒食機&蒸氣二重鍋-烹煮區  DSC01668
automation cook mixer and steam double kettle- cooking area washbasin with platform
 食材前處理區  蒸箱上配置蒸氣煙罩,避免熱氣外流
ingredient pretreatment area steamer with hood preventing the outflow of heat
 玻璃視窗帶來穿透感,分區隔間也不壓迫  碗
glass window attributing to a sense of spaciousness
 前處理區深水槽,減少水珠噴濺  空調系統控制溫濕度,保持低溫乾燥細菌不孳生
deep washbasin in pretreatment area preventing water splashing air conditioning system keeping a room cool and dry, hampering the growth of bacteria


locker room rubber boots in upside down position for better hygiene
 冷凍冷藏庫-均溫好環境、食材保存良好不變質  前處理區&器具消毒櫃
refrigeration and freezer-constant temperaturepreserving the quality of ingredients pretreatment area & sterilization cabinet for utensils
freezers and refrigerators