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According to Compendium of Materia Medica, black fungi have beneficial effects on human health.

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Chinese medicine practitioners believe regular consumption of black fungi helps to prevent myocardial infarction, blood pressure, stroke, cancer, anemia and osteoporosis. They also believe black fungi attributing to healthy weight loss and regard them as natural skincare.

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Black fungi contain up to nine anti-clotting substances and hence they are called food aspirin by some medicine practitioners. Because black fungi can reduce blood viscosity, prevent and dissolve blood clots, they are appreciated in particular by those who smock, drink alcohol and stay up late.  It takes 15-24 hours to simmer black fungi. Not until the collagen being extracted out of the fungi can one move on to the next procedure. It is time consuming to prepare black fungus drink. Black fungi have high nourishment due to its highly concentrated sustenances. Such diet, however, also provides a condition favorable to the growth of bacteria.

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To preserve the sustenances is to cool down the boiled black fungus drink in the shortest possible time, which can restrain the bacteria from multiplying and consequently avoid the the quality deterioration.

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Black fungi are rich in nutrition. People consume the drink on the daily basis.  But if the drink is not being chilled within a short period of time, the high amount of bacteria would turn a healthy drink into a harmful one. The rule of thumb is to place the food safety before the health.  Everyone can cook but only few regard producing quality and healthy products as one’s own obligation.  One has to reflect on oneself.  Rapid cooling machines from Sunshine Energy can cool tofu, red bean soups, green bean soup, barley soups and white fungi.


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How to approach home delivery business with healthy drinks? How to plan a central kitchen with respect to this business?

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How to avoid cross contamination in a cooking area? Semi-automatic cooking equipments.

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Using cooling machines to preserve nutrition of ingredients.  Time management.  Automatic stir-fry machines for cooking black fungus.

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Packing room planning.

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Simple planning and internal management. Adhesive floor pads. Positive air pressure in packing rooms. Ultraviolet disinfection. 3D drawings.

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