Mutton stewed in herbal soup


A equivalent nexus between business owners and their customers can be attained only under the right ingredients, the right products and the right concepts. Everyone can cook lamb but only few can master a good flavor and retain the nutrition. Referring to an ancient Chinese receipt of mutton stewed in herbal soup, a cook has to simmer the lamb with a dozen medicinal herbs for 4-5 hours.

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It has high production cost.  Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy assists business owners in obtaining an equivalent nexus and in gaining praises and trust from their customers. Good ingredients, good equipments and the processing environments which comply to food safety attribute to brand equity.

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Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy assists business owners in building ideal operating environments that are in line with food safety and hygiene. They are featured high mobility, visible hygiene and workplace safety. A brief concept for this lamb restaurant:

1. Establish a visualized production flow which inspires consumers’ trust: when a business owner spends more money in ingredients, he has higher food and production costs. He thus has to sell in a higher price, which inevitably hinders the consumption. Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy helps to solve this problem by creating a visualized production flow.  By presenting visualized fresh ingredients, the business owner would gain the word of mouth from his customers- noble quality against the paid price.

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Consumers can see the operating environment, source of ingredients and a tightly controlled production flow. Consumers can see the equivalent nexus between the price paid and the end product, increasing their emotional bonds to the shop and making more return visits.

2. Assist business owners in establishing the most desirable production system for their central kitchens: Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy starts with your menu, analyzing the integrity and interchangeability of equipments, hygiene and workplace safety and creating a list of recommended equipments suitable to your industry. That is to attend: 1 the most time-consuming 2 the most energy consuming 3. workplace safety 4. food safety

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5. production convenience and security

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6. improved production performance and efficiency.

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3. Assist the business owner in building the cloud based alarm monitoring: business owners can access to the latest information about the security of their facilities, equipments and operating environment anytime through mobile phones.

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1) the cloud based alarm monitoring in a freezer or a refrigerator to ensure foods being kept at low temperature at all times. When the temperature falls outside the norm, onsite staff can take an immediate action upon a notification.

2) the cloud based alarm monitoring at production site against the deviation from the regulated temperature and humanity: when the temperature and humanity at the production site are higher than the controlled limit, the system will sent a notification to the mobile phone, allowing onsite staff to take an immediate action against the threat.

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3) the cloud based alarm monitoring in cooking area against the outflow of carbon dioxide: this enables the staff as well as shop owner to work in an absolute safe environment. When the concentration of carbon dioxide in the kitchen reaches the controlled limit, the system will send a notification to the mobile phone, allowing onsite staff to take an immediate action against the threat.


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4.Assist business owners in expanding their sales channels on the point- line-dimension basis. A central kitchen has multiple functions:

1) serve those having meals in the shop

2) customers can buy packaged frozen meals and share with their friends and families.

3) sell online

4) foods are centrally produced and distributed to different branches. Establish a strategic alliance with other restaurants.


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5) legally operated shops can sell their products to retail channels.

5. Assist the business owners in registering the lawfully required traceability system: accordion g to Article 8, paragraph 3, food industry is required to register for traceability management system.

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