Achievement of hot pot restaurant

 二重鍋-湯頭熬煮好幫手  包裝室-無塵庫板好清潔、空調系統維持溫濕度、補風機營造正壓環境、紫外線殺菌燈
steam double kettle- for soup making packing room-clean room panels for easy clean, air conditioning for the right humanity and temperature, make-up air device for positive air pressure, UV germicidal lamp
 換氣系統-抽風機水洗塔&過濾補氣風機   急速冷卻機保留湯頭色香味
ventilation system-water tower with exhaust fans, make-up air device with filter rapid cooling machine preserving color and flavor of soups
 換氣系統-抽氣風機  人流物流分流管理,杜絕交叉污染
ventilation system-exhaust fans separating flows of staff and goods, preventing cross contamination
 無塵庫板隔間打造無塵室等級央廚  進入作業區先浴塵消毒,食材分流走傳遞冰箱,避免交叉污染
clean room panels giving a central kitchen with a clean room grade staff walking through air shower before entering the processing area, ingredients being passed through convey window to prevent cross contamination
 烹煮區-良好的換氣系統讓烹煮區不再高溫潮濕  烹煮區
cooking area-a good ventilation system making cooking area no longer hot and humid cooking area
  小型火鍋業者中央廚房烹煮區  小型火鍋業者中央廚房烹煮區
cooking area of a central kitchen of a small hot pot restaurant cooking area of a central kitchen of a small hot pot restaurant
 走道可分區分流,亦可成為參觀動線,打造觀光工廠   傳遞冰箱&維修子母門,人流物流分離
aisle separating flows, meanwhile serving as walking path for visitors refrigerator with convey shutter & primary-secondary doors, separating flows of staff and goods
  工業地板堅固耐用好清理,搭配無塵庫板與R角,清潔無死角  IMG_4166
industrial grade floor attributing to solid and easy clean, full hygiene when in combine with clean room panels and R angle design
 無塵庫板容易清潔,可重複利用  連鎖火鍋央廚中央走道
clean room panels, easy clean and reusable central aisle of a central kitchen of a chained hot pot restaurant
 窗戶搭配空氣濾網,補進乾淨新鮮風  蒸氣二重鍋&蒸氣煙罩
window with filter, making up fresh air steam double kettle & vapor hood
 不鏽鋼庫板隔間  正壓捕風機&配電盤
stainless steel panels make-up air device & switchboard
 使用盛料槽,清洗廢水不外流   器具消毒箱&急速冷卻機
holding tank preventing the outflow of waste water sterilization cabinet for utensils & rapid cooling machine
 抽氣風機&浴塵室  急速冷卻機組
exhaust ventilation & air shower rapid cooling machines