Construction of hot pot restaurant central kitchen

 土木施工完成,隔間工程預備進場  鐵工施工
before constructing dry walls metalwork
 換氣系統風管施工  空調系統施工
ventilation system, construction of air ducts construction of air conditioning system
 鐵工施工  鐵工施工
construction of metal work metalwork
 不鏽鋼壁板&油煙罩施工  排水管施作
stainless steel wall panels & construction of exhaust hood construction of drain pipelines
 冷凍庫基座施工  冷凍庫底植筋作業
constructing the base of a freezer planting bars beneath the freezer
 不鏽鋼排水溝&不鏽鋼油煙罩   施工前,廠區舊有設備
stainless steel drain ducts & exhaust hood existing facilities in a factory building before construction
 灌漿工程   無塵庫板施工&不鏽鋼壁板施工
grouting construction of clean room panels & stainless steel wall panels
 無塵庫版施工開孔  舊有窗台回填
clean room panels with cutout backfills
 汙水系統-油脂截流槽&汙水曝氣池  不鏽鋼壁板施工
sewage system- grease trap & extended aeration tank construction of stainless steel wall panels
 天花板施工  汙水處理池
construction of ceiling sewage treatment
 新鋪地磚&不鏽鋼水溝  消防系統施工
floor tiles & stainless steel drain ducts fire protection
 鍋爐系統提供蒸氣&熱水  EPOXY地板施工
boiler system providing steam and hot water construction of EPOXY floor
 排水系統鋪設  植筋用點焊鋼絲網
configuration of drain pipelines welded wire fabrics
construction of power system