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soybean milk production


Chinese medicine practitioners believe soybean milk has positive effects on lungs and intestines. Europeans call soybean milk the plant-based milk. It is high in nutrition value and is a coommon drink.


Although its production process is not complicated, soybean milk is susceptible to spoilage. As the attitude towards a healthy eating is emerging, the use of chemical additives is treated as a ban. Factors leading to food spoilage are cooling, ingredients, dust concentration and storage condition, not the use of chemical additives. Many challenges are raised in the production of soybean milk. Let us explore in more details.


The fist challenge is cooling.  If the boiled soybean milk is not being cooled and packaged in the shortest possible time, the chance to turn rancid goes up. Conventionally soybean milk is being cooled in ambient temperatures. The problem with that is the center temperature cannot meet the desired target temperature. It is when the spoilage starts to take place. A thin layer formed during the cooling process not only impacts to the speed of cooling but also dilutes the favor and taste of the soybean milk.

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It is the challenge faced by all soybean milk producers to quickly cool the soybean milk to the temperature appropriate for packaging. We recommend you to use rapid cooling machines. The machines can cool a trough of soybean milk evenly down to 18 degrees in 18 minutes, leading not only to a better preserved aroma and flavor but to a restrained growth of bacteria. Provided a proper storage condition, one can prolong the shelf time of soybean milk without chemical additives.

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The second challenge is the packaging environment.

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As mentioned earlier, one of the factors causing food spoilage is the dust concentration in the production site. A clean packing room and cooling room are needed to hamper the food spoilage. A good packing room starts with selecting the materials that are easy to clean, easy to maintain and are anti-dust. Such materials as clean room panels and EPOXY or industrial grade floor. Second is the temperature and humanity of the packing room.  Air conditioning is used to maintain a cool and dry condition to hinder the growth of bacteria. Finally is to exclude the contamination.  One can use make-up air device to create positive air pressure and filter the air before it is being released into the packing room.


The third challenge is to avoid cross contamination.  As mentioned earlier, contamination in the packing room must be avoided. One starts with hand disinfection. Staff who enters the packing room has to be subject to hand disinfection.  Next is the sterilization of equipments.  One can deploy an utensil sterilization cabinet and sterilize the equipments after each use to avid the contamination. Troughs and filters need to be sterilized to avoid the contamination after being in contact with soybean milk. Then is the sterilization of larger facilities.  One can use ultraviolet light to disinfect a space once the staff is clear from that area.

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This can achieve a higher level of cleanness. Proper storage condition is also critical. One separates the soybean milk trough from the rest of others of different purposes. Cross contamination can also take place in a refrigerate.


Of course the selection of soybeans, grinding, filtering and cooking are no less important.  Besides good ingredients, good products come from attentions to each production process. Clever Central Kitchen from Sunshine Energy provides planning service of production lines, assisting you in establishing the type of kitchen that complies to food safety.  Besides the design of separated flows of staff, goods, water and air against cross contamination, we also assist the clients in choosing the right equipments for reducing occupation injuries. Finally, we employs the cloud-based alarm monitoring system to highlight the malfunctions in time to avoid the loss.  If you are interested in producing soybean milk or have questions about its production process, you are welcome to call Sunshine Energy at any time.

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